No boxed version of Cubase upgrade from 7 to 8.5?


Just wondering will the boxed version come for Cubase 7 to 8.5 upgrade?, I have always bought the boxed version of Cubase and feel that my collection is destroyed if I start to buy as digital, Hope it will come later on or else im gonna :cry:


I’m sorry, there is no boxed version for any upgrade/update since Cubase 7.5 or Cubase 8 (I don’t remember).

Like manuals (as I stare longingly at my Cubase 5 manual on the shelf) they are alas a thing of the past.

Depending on where you’re located, some shops (including online shops) appear to have retail “boxes” that are called upgrades, but only contain the activation code on a printed card and a DVD that is usually already out-of-date by the time you get it.

Since the printed manuals disappeared, there’s probably not much point in having a proper boxed version of anything, unless you live somewhere without a fast internet connection.

This is sad news for me thx for the answers

The printed manual used to add around £50 to the price of the boxed version and personally i prefer PDFs anyway, ctrl+f is much quicker than thumbing through a weighty tome any day… if you REALLY want a printed version why not print it out yourself or find a local printer that will print and bind a copy for you…