[No Bug - Operator Error] Copy/ Paste Muted/ Non-Muted Event

Could someone verify this, please?

  • Create an empty MIDI event/ file in project (make loop region and double click under loop on MIDI track)
  • Double click new MIDI file to open in MIDI Editor
  • Draw events in MIDI Editor
  • Mute most, but not all events
  • Select and copy selection with both mute and unmuted events
  • Paste selection to empty area in MIDI file
    -> Result = all events appear muted, but unmuted events still play

NB: In my project where this occurs, there are blocks of one bar note events, densely placed up and down the ‘keyboard’ in several octaves and in 16 bar or greater block lengths. These are used to trigger sequencers. I have the note events all muted to begin, and then gradually unmute them across the timeline to create sequenced arrangements.

I note that when I cut and paste a section, it plays properly, but all the unmuted notes lose their color (velocity) and show white, the same as muted sections pasted with them.


Cannot confirm, it works correctly.

TY … approximately how many events did you copy/ paste?


YES CONFIRMED. Exactly the same behaviour when copying more events!

C6.5 Win7 64 bit

Help! Do you here mean you are confirming my initial report or your first report that you did not see such behavior?


Im confirm your statement about wrong copying.

Thank you!

Hopefully a few others will also check this out so we can submit it to Steinberg.


Do not see this behavior in 553. Tho, I am not sure what

“make loop region and double click under loop on MIDI track”

is supposed to mean.


It is a way to create an empty midi file. :slight_smile:

The file will be as long as the looped region, on the midi track in which you click.


I see. Keep in mind - you dont need to create a loop region to create an empty MIDI event.


Yes, I know that too. :slight_smile:

But not everyone does … and this is a simple way to do it.


Are the Pasted events still within the boundaries of the MIDI Part?

AHA! :exclamation:

Yes, Vic.

I extended the event to make plenty of room prior to pasting.

Another interesting aspect is that, as I said, while the pasted events play, if I click on them once with the mute tool, the color returns and they continue to play. If I click on them a second time, they mute, as usual.

Let me reiterate that I am pasting a lot of data, about 6 octaves full of one bar note events. Initially I pasted 16 bars, then 8 and finally 1 to see if it was the total number … but pasting even one bar length of 6 octave, i.e., 72 event, causing the behavior.


Now, Jeff, you’re not invested in thinking I’m doing something wrong, are you? :wink:


Ok, do me a favor - let me check this properly in 553 to see if it hasn’t been like this the whole time. Maybe the event I made is not the equivalent of yours - maybe it doesn’t have enough data. Create an event, and make a .mid file of it. u/l it here, and I will see if it happens in 553.

Umm, like…errr----NO! I would never do that!!! :laughing:

Could you upload a simple .cpr with the MIDI Part set up to demonstrate (including the already-muted notes)?

Here you go.

Please note the section beginning on bar 69. It was copy pasted from bar 66.

If you open the midi file (here, anyway), you will see that it shows a few events unmuted at bar 66 (where it was copied) and all events muted at bar 69 (where it was pasted).

Shut the midi editor and watch track playback activity in the track header. You will see activity at bar 66, no activity at bars 67 and 68, and activity will resume at bar 69, even though it shows all events muted.

I realize that what I am doing here, triggering multiple sequencers with the note data, is an unconvential use … but shouldn’t it work anyway?

120324 Mute Paste.cpr (1.33 MB)

Holy crap that’s alot of MIDI data. :open_mouth:

Ok, this is not a problem with Cubase. It’s OE.

OE = Operator Error :laughing:

I see the same thing you are, but that’s because there are doubles - two MIDI notes right on top of one another. One is open, one muted. When you paste, it just so happens that sometimes the muted note is showing. This is why you think that unmuted notes still play. They are not playing; the open notes are playing, but the muted notes are the ones that are visible b/c they are sitting on top of the open notes.

Here have a look:


See what happened when I undid Delete Doubles? You know see the muted notes - not the open notes.