No bugfix update in september?

Wasn’t there usually a Cubase maintenance release in september?
Some more bug fixes would surely be welcome before Cubase 9 in december.

More bug fixes please! If no more bug fixes for 8.5 I’ll not have faith in going to 9. We don’t need new buggy features?

Microsoft Windows 10 "Redstone” is making my Cubase 8.5.20 crash when shutting down about 80% of the time. So, yeah I hope Steinberg has some patch on the way.

The reason for quit-crash being so annoying is that settings I’ve made are lost when I don’t get a proper shutdown.


Now I seem to have 100% crash when I close Cubase… Ah…

I’ve tried cubase 7.5, 8 and 8.5 on Mountain Lion, yosemite and now el capitan( fresh clean installs ) and same result of laggy play head and audio glitching while enabling or disabling cycle in the ruler. No third party software and just one audio loop playing. I think that is substandard Steinberg. Fix before version 9 or I’m off of this upgrading cycle of unattended to bugs. ( I won’t go into the crashes as well with Groove Agent 4 )

99% of the time I get the “Quit-Crash”…very annoying. It used to be 99% never-to-crash when quitting,so hopefully we get a maintenance release soon.

surely anyone who pays to upgrade before trying the trial version has gotta be a bit daft, no disrespect meant but,
just wait for the trial…
I reckon there’s a reason the trial comes out a month or so after the upgrade release…they know there are problems and if the trial was available immediately nobody would upgrade…
for example…the version they released that didn’t recognize it’s own cpr file, if the trial was available who would have upgraded? and you can bet the problem would’ve been fixed pretty damn quick…

wait for the trial guys… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cubase 9 will surely bring some new interesting stuff. Just Like c8 and c7 did. But they all bring new bugs too. Many new bugs. Each new zero version of Cubase is more or less broken for many users, and it takes at least one year for things to clear out a bit. Cubase x.5 versions are usually better.
But what is the use of new functions, if bugs are not ironed out? Cubase 8.5 had just 2 or 3 bugfix updates. And lists of bugfixes are getting shorter and shorter. Steinberg is putting less and less effort into bug fixes. What does that mean?

I reckon it means they’re not too bothered about people they have already got money from, they’re interested in attracting new buyers…(the big money) which I suppose makes (sort of) business sense but they need to be careful of how many users they alienate…I already use Harrison mixbus 32C more than I use Cubase…( those guys do next day updates if needed) it’s only since C8 that I started to look around…If Harrison introduce render in place and a transpose track…I’m gone!!

and also, I reckon they’re not too bothered if anyone moves to another DAW…they’ve already got yer money!!!


It’s happening to me also every other time I try and close down. Plus it throws all of my soundcard/bus settings into disarray when the Project is reopened.