No button to bypass Clip / Track Effects in Montage

Am I missing something or is there no button to bypass Clip / Track Effects in a Montage?
It’s possible to bypass individual effects but not all in one go like in the Master Section.
This has annoyed me for some time and would be a very useful feature - particularly to show clients the “before and after” effect!
I’ve been using Wavelab since version 2 and it’s come a long, long way since then! :smiley:
Oh yes, glad to see Ctrl-F9 back!

Look here :

beppecec that’s got nothing to do with my problem - I’m not talking about the Master Section.

What you could do is to duplicate the track you work on before you insert track or clip fx and then always compare to the unprocessed track.

Yeah, also agree that it would be nice to have a global FX bypass for clip/track plugins. Currently, it seems that you can only do a quick bypass of all effects that are on the master section but not individual clips or tracks.