no camera super 8

just loaded up super 8 vst and noticed theres no camera i con at the top right hand corner…this is weird so i cant snapshot the plugin gui…
anyone else noticed this?

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Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you use HiDPI screen? How is your HiDPI settings?

Here you go, I have the same issue… love the new forum btw, couldn’t find this post on the prev forum.

Edit: I am on Win10, FHD resolution (1920x1080), no scaling



Found a workaround, in CB10.5 you can take the captures, afterwards they show up in CB11…

Also, Roland clound vst 2 plugs didn’t show the icon on initial load. closing the UI and reopening it made the icon appear, so I guess there is an issue with the rendering of the capture icon in CB 11?

Cheers, merry x-mas :wink:

I have this ‘issue’ as well - I assume everyone with this VST does but most people don’t care - on a clean install of Cubase 11 Pro running on MacOS 11.3, so the workaround above isn’t an option.

Having found the /Users/ME/Documents/Steinberg/VST Thumbnails folder, the images all have unique names - such as 5653544E694D616D6173736976650000.png for the snap I just took of Massive.

Does anyone know if these are randomly generated, or if they internally (to Cubase) reference the VST plugin? If the latter, is there any way to find out the ref for Super 8 so that we can manually create our own .png images for it?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :slightly_smiling_face:

The same here. :thinking:

I know this is an old thread but this is still an issue, and for anyone that stumble upon this - yes there actually is a way to create your own png: Open up the troubling VST without the camera button, switch to the generic editor and the camera icon should return. Take your picture, now your VST will have an image of the generic editor window. Find the image in the VST Thumbnails directory and replace it with whatever you want. Restart Cubase and the VST screenshot is updated to your custom image.


Thank you for this workaround - the perfect solution! :raised_hands:t2:

Apologies for missing this until now, and imho you did exactly the right thing in posting on an old/original thread. :+1:t2:

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I just used the method described above for the latest (VST3) version of Trilian which is also missing the camera icon.

I’ve had this with Super8 for a while. Reported it on here quite a while ago but didn’t get much response. I thought it had worked that way in Cubase 10.5 but I could be wrong.
I also had the issue with Trilian, but seems to me that closing the GUI and reopening a time or two fixed it in Trilian, but did not in Super8.

It can’t be a coincidence that Super8 is Native Instruments’ only VST3 plug-in, or was at the time of its last update, especially as the other example we have here now is also VST3.

Well, I just checked and Massive X (VST3) is, in fact, also missing the camera icon. However the new VST3 version of the original Massive does have the icon. Also, all the (VST3 versions of the) FX plugins I checked (VC 76, Solid EQ, RC 48) also have the icon, so the issue is sporadic.

Unfortunately this is one of those gray issues where SB will say it’s the developer’s fault and the developer will say it’s SB’s fault (and the problem will never get fixed).

I installed both VST2 and VST3 and took a photo from VST2 first then I took another one from VST3 using switch to the generic editor Then I copied the name from it (VST3 one) and renamed the one from VST2 and now you can delete the VST2 dll and the photo taken from VST3 switch to the generic editor.

Hope it helps

Edit: Super 8 is only VST3 :face_with_thermometer:

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It’s Almost March 2022. This problem is still very much here and bugging me as well. No camera icon on to many plugins! On Mac Catalina but apparantely that doesn’t matter it’s across the board bug for most people. ughhh.
Thought this would be fixed by now.

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The problem still persists in Cubase 12
Same problem with

  • Massive X
  • Keyscape
  • Guitar FX VST S-Gear 2
  • with Illformed Glitch 2.1.2 the screenshot function produces only a black image
  • NI Raum
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The new issue with C12 is that plugins which are not displaying that upper area correctly do not have the QC “Quick Control” options either. I guess it’s something NI need to fix?

If it is NI, must say I’m really sick of them for the lack of VST3 support already. But how do we even begin to find out who/what is the cause of such behaviour?

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Issue with Roland Legendary Bundle as well.

I just did a fresh install of cubase 11 and Komplete 13. I cannot get the camera icon to appear on Massive x. I could try the workaround ( not sure why a workaround is required) but I do not know what “switch to the generic editor” means. I have looked for this editor but have had no luck. Any ideas?

Just a heads up, this seems to be fixed in C12.0.10.

The plugin window does default to be wider than it should however:

But if you click the ‘QC’ button near the camera on/off the window resets to the correct size.

I’ve seen the wide window in several plugins. You can make it a little better by hitting the Quick Control icon and then closing it again. Not a perfect fix, but it does narrow the wasted space some.

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