no caret after double click

I’m working on quite a large project, 3.2 mb, 9 flows, orchestra and voices, and recently the insertion caret stopped appearing on double click - ok on pressing Enter. Sometimes it works in this file the first time I double click then not at all. In small projects the behaviour is normal. Is there anything to be done, or is this a known issue?

Dear bokk,
This indeed is a known issue, it has appeared on the forum before (have you searched the forum? — and I did experience it. Closing the document and re-opening it should solve this issue. And another (and always working) method to enter Note entry mode is shift-n — nice to know it because since 2.2, pressing enter could make you modify a popover entry (dynamic, tempo, meter that could be selected without wanting it…)
Keep in mind that there also is a preference to disable the double-click behavior, although I’m confident that you did not change it.

Ah, thanks. But closing and opening the document only works for one double click, after that its no go so to say… shift-n is good to know.

With me it seems to last for about ten minutes. Apparently it’s just that the program is slow at picking up the second click, although I can do other stuff in Dorico. I’ve mostly stopped trying to double click now.