No CC64 with Cubase Pro 11 and Connect 5

No CC64 being received and tested from different sources since updating to Cubase 11 from 10.5. The earlier version works fine so I have gone back to that. I have had to do this urgently as I work with a keyboard player a couple of miles away in lockdown. We don’t use much else in the way of CC messages so I don’t know if others are affected. Only the notes are appearing with 11 and Connect 5.

Hi and welcome,

Double check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please. Make sure MIDI CC64 is not filtered out, please.

Also make sure, you don’t use your MIDI Input as an Input of any Remote Device, please. Also double-check, there is no Input Transformer not the track.

There is nothing filtered out except sys ex which is the default isn’t it? There is no problem with cc64 in normal use. But when using connect 5 with pro11 the midi is transmitted ok via the connect interface …but without sustain messages. It is not the performer’s keyboard or system as I have replicated it and tested it with someone else. It worked ok with pro10.5.


Right, this is the default setup.

Could you double-check the Remote Devices, please? By any chance, do you use the VST Connect input as an input of any Remote Device (sorry, I don’t know, if this is even possible)?

Hi Martin
Don’t know what you mean by remote devices? Just the connect transfer for audio and midi. Other midi comes in via my midi interface in the room.


I mean Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices in Cubase.