no change in the sound

can anybody tell me how am gonna get the expression map to work ? I got a track with cello and I want to put on trills,legado ect… I open the expression map and open slots with articulation and find trills ,piccato ect…direction or attribute … I name the cello and open the expression map in the project and click the slot and choose cello. and then open the key editor and choose articulation/dymanics on top of the list. I put on the symbol for trills ,legato ect …but nothing happens with the sound. theres not trills or any changes. whats wrong ? see pic
I did see on tutorial and read some in the manuell. I didn’t make me any wiser
expression map.PNG


You are using HALion Sonic SE. Which sound do you choose? Are you sure, there are different articulations for the sound? Or do you want to switch to another Program?

The VST Expression map is about a mapping. In the Expression Map Setup, you have to define, which MIDI message is sent out, when you select the articulation. This MIDI message is like a Key Switch (or Controller switch, or Program Change) for the sound library.

So the most important part is Output Mapping of the Expression Map Settings. Here, you define, which MIDI message makes the change.

how to know what to choose ? program or controller . I got some cello and strings. using halion se. that was all greek to me. I just saw some tutorials and it all looked so easy. I want trills and legato and make it sound nice.

It really depends on the sound-library, so you have to find it out in the sound-library, what to send out.

Very often, the Key Switch is orange (or yellow) on the virtual keyboard of the instrument. If there is nit this Kind of Key Switch, some libraries are using a dedicated MIDI Controllers. As far as I know, HALion Sonic SE internal sounds are not using MIDI Controllers, and just few of them are using Key Switches (they are marked by “Expression”, or “VXF”? in the name).

If you choose any sound without the Key Switches, I would recommend to load another sound (trill) to the 2nd channel of the HALion Sonic SE. Then you can use Channel switching as the Output Mapping settings.

Are you using internal HALion Sonic SE sound linrary, which is part of Cubase? Or do you have any other library available?

thanks for the help but I don’t understand anything ! I need to think on this. I use only halion

If you are using internal HALion Sonic SE sounds only, you cannot do this (with Cello) at all. There is no sound with cello trills, in the HALion Sonic SE sound library.

I made a project, where it’s setup for GM Strings sound. I’m attaching few screenshots of this project. I can send you the project (if you want to - send me your email address via Private Message, please.)

End other screenshots - from the Key Editor and the HALion Sonic SE.

by the pic you both send me It looks as if am done it right but there is no change in the sound . there is no legato or any change. and I watch the tutorial where they use the pencil to draw trills ect… in the key editor and that what am trying to do. maybe I didn’t explain in correctly in the first post’s. I don’t think I knew what I was to ask about :smiley: