No channel fader metering when mixing Atmos using Immerse VST monitoring

Hi all,

I am learning to use the Immerse Ambidecoder, got it all routed properly.
However, the faders on the individual channels, only on the “Renderer” channel. Why is that?

I am used to seeing levels there… now there is nothing. Kind of unsettling.

Followed this tutorial: Atmos Monitoring on Headphones | Spatial Audio Meets AI - YouTube

Is this the normal thing? The individual tracks feed the Renderer audio track via a post fader send.
My Control room is set up to listen through my headphones, and all that is working as expected.
In the Multipanner, there is level on the left meter IN view, but nothing on the OUT meter on the right.

Just want to make sure this is NORMAL behavior.


On this other tutorial video, the channel routing is DIFFERENT…

There is no “Renderer” audio track, there is a mixbuss track ( I imagine these are the same thing), however, in this video there is NO post fader send to the Renderer channel coming from the individual audio tracks. They go directly to a 7.1.4 buss.

I wish there was ONE tutorial that definitely teaches how to use Atmos, the correct routing, and how to use the Immerse Ambi decoder. And not two which do things differently. It just makes things more confusing for me.

Further, I was on here trying to see how other people solve their particular Atmos issues, and they also do things differently in their routing. Like using QUAD and other configurations, which makes it even more head scratching.

Is there a good tutorial that is EASY to follow, and gives me metering on my channels, as well as the proper routing (using a post fader send to route to the Atmos renderer seems one step too many.)


Found this tutorial finally… Which does not have the extra two tracks “Renderer” and “7.1.4” output from the other tutorial video. At least now I have metering!!!

Now to see how to export the Atmos ADM wav file… since under this tutorial, I am no longer using the “Renderer” track that had the Atmos plug in inserted into it. So one thing fixed, and another question… How to access the now non existent Atmos plug in. Do I even need to? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.