No "Chase Events" for Dynamic Events?

This is my situation:

I’m composing with Halion Symponic Orchestra within Halion sonic SE.
With the new Dynamics mapping I’m able to enter dynamics signs in the new Dynamics lane in the key editor.
Now (after made the right settings to let HSO listen to the dynamics) on playback I hear my notes with the right dynamics (Great!), however when I hit stop and want to edit notes, I can’t hear my notes.
The Acoustic feedback function in the key editor is activated, but when I drag notes or create one, the acoustic feedback remains silent.

As I understand, HSO needs a constant expression controller value (with the patches I use), so I thought that I need to activate Chase Midi events (in the prefs). But all events are already set to Chase.
So I think that the new Dynamic mapping system is, until now, not able is to Chase the events.

Am I right, or do I miss something?


Have you checked if this is still the case with the new Cubase 6.0.4 pre-beta?

HI Vic,

Thanks for your suggestion, I just checked the Version history, versions/solutions-document and notice that they fixed it in 6.0.3. I’m still on 6.0.2…

So I’ll definitly update, but not in the middle of a project!

By the way: this new VST expressions/dynamics mapping system in conjucntion with HSO and the score editor is very clever. Feels really integrated and much more composer minded. Much better than editing key switch notes and controller curves!