No Choice

Those who took some time to listen to my previous tracks and will listen to that one will understand that it was not an easy one for me… but at least, i’ve tried :slight_smile:

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Wow! I believe that this is a first for the use of the voice. It’s done in a very interesting way, it reminds me of Laurie Anderson. The harmonization used, although it seems a bit weird, suits the context and style of the piece perfectly. The intro and ending are really good. We have no choice but to listen to the end, because the music intrigues us and we want to know and hear what is going to happen.

I really like!

Thank you René.
Yes, you are right, the piano underlying the voice is detuned by design, and the voice itself is harmonized with cubase generated soprano track.
Happy you find it interesting!

The voice is being used! Excellent! Also courageous. You will never ever hear my voice. But it works as an instrument. Really well done! The voice sounds a little muffled like you didn’t want it to stand out.

Hey, Leon. Thanks for your comment.
My wife said also that, regarding the vocals, i’ve been kind of shy …
You are right, it was not an easy move, but i felt i had to do it.
I know think about reviewing my workflow, cause with the voice part, i’ve seen mistakes in gain staging. I finaly truly understand the -18dbfs or so thing.

Hi Stephane,
Nice to hear another new track from you. It’s very well constructed and recorded. The mix sounded really full with everything well placed. I liked how you did the percussion too, in that it was very much present, but not overwhelming.
Congratulations on taking that big step in using your voice. It worked well as a part of the song, and I agree with Leon (and your wife) that it is a bit muffled and hidden more than it needs to be.
You have a good ear and can certainly tell if and when you’re hitting the notes. Trust that.
Not sure how you may have treated or processed the voice, but compression, chorus, reverb, and delay can all be played with to liven it up, and even compensate for places where we might need some help. Of course, there’s always the vocoder/Zawinul way of dealing with a voice too.
In any case, it’s another arrow in your quiver now. Good job!

Hey John.
Happy you enjoyed the construction. Because of the voice, i had to think about a more conventional flow, leading to the final.
Well, i will try now to better frame the vocal, thx for your inputs about ways to give more meat. Will experiment asap.
Take care

Nice use of space, three dimensional, works well and it’s very clean/clear all 'round but I like the way it ends up in chaos
Your vocal sounds jus fine, I think it’s an important asset for you.

Nice piece, 'held my attention which may wonder at times. :wink:


Thank you, Mauri, for your post. Obviously important to me that the 3D and the clarity are good. I’ve worked quite a lot to reach this. Regarding the ending, yep, 100% in line with the whole story of this track.
Thanks again for your time.

Hi Stephco, this is really interesting, I don’t know what to say, it blasts my comfort zone… Great work there!

Hi, Ryan,
Thank for your words.
A long time ago, written on the back of the album In Praise of Learning by Henry Cow, i read a quote: “Music is not a mirror – it is a hammer”. I learned later it was from John Grierson. (a Scottish filmmaker).
I was blasted too, and until now, it gave me directions in the ways i’m creating music.

J’ai vu que tu es de Toulouse! Moi aussi, j’habite un petit village juste à coté.

Hello Stephco,

I one word, make of the “hammer philosophy” (F. Nietzsche) a use into music. I didn’t know the quote, but I apply it into my music.

Je ne me suis pas encore installé a Toulouse mais j’y compte bien!

Just uploaded a new version with a more “present” voice.

Stream No Choice by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

The old version can still be found here:
03 - No Choice.mp3

Hi Stephan, I agree, the voice sounds much better.