no click sound presets in my installation

I have no click sound presets in my installation. My guess is they may have been destroyed when migrating settings from 9.0 - does anyone havee an idea where they are stored? Can they be exported / imported?

The Metronome has changed in version 9.5 so it’s probably not because your settings haven’t been carried forward, it needs setting up differently.

Video tutorial here:

Also detailed in manual.

Thanks for replying, but I actually watched this eexact video 5 minutes before I reported this problem. he shows how to select a “Click Sound Preset” in the Click Sounds tab - I have no presets defined, thee only three entries are Save Preset… / Remove Preset / Rename.

In the meantime I made a user preset with a Clave sound (annoyingly we cannot use media bay for dragging sounds into the field as this dialog is modal, so I had to do some track exporting)

Not at my computer at the moment so can’t check but seem to recall it wasn’t complicated though maybe counterintuitive to setup the first time. I’ll have a look later.

Sometimes Presets (for other things so maybe this too) need crying from the PRogram Folder to the Users/Roaming folder. Again will check later.

Not sure if this is actually your issue but the provided presets are indeed amongst the files that should be copied (at installation) from the Program Files to the Roaming data…

Thus the files are found here:

“C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5\Presets\Click Sound Sets”

And need to be copied to (if not present already) to:

“C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64\Presets\Click Sound Sets”

Thanks, that actually workd. Interesting that the installer did not do it automatically, good to know!

Yeah, I try to give things that might work. :wink:

Thanks for confirming that it did for you.

These things get missed sometimes. Sometimes it’s because an original installation was for “All users” and an upgrade wasn’t and vice versa and sometimes it’s something else.