No color track with import button

In track view, if you import a track with the “import” button, the color of the track (from cubase) does not follow.


You are talking about this button, yes?

Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 13.01.17

What do you mean with “import a track”? You can only import media files (audio, midi, video or images).

What info do I miss?

Thank you,

… and what do you expect here?


Yes !

Ho, I understand now…
In my cubase project, my tracks are colored. In VST Live, when I import the project, the color of each tracks are imported also in VST Live.
With the “import” button, I expected to have the audio track with the same color as in my cubase project. But because the button only import the audio file, it cannot get the color of the project.
Sorry my mistake.