"no condensing" of auxiliary notes!

here are two examples that produce strange results with auxiliary notes…
Surely a bug ??
a)Flöten Condensing 1
b)Flöten Condensing 2


Yes, indeed, condensing of trills is not properly working at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. It is something we will address in a future version of the software.

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I’ve just got the same issue and I can see we are almost two years later. Will there be any improvement soon ? It makes impossible to have the correct non condensed parts and correct condensed conductor score in one file.

condensing changes the auxiliary note in D4.dorico (720.0 KB)

Welcome to the forum @Cedric_Havard!

I posted about this 3 days ago and it’s not working yet. You might try changing the style of trill?

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Allow me to add my own welcome to the forum, Cedric. We know this problem is a particularly egregious one for producing a correct condensed score, and we have been working on it in advance of our next update, so things should be in a better state when that update arrives, a few weeks from now.


Unfortunately not as it is an engraving inquiry from a composer, I have to be as close as his manuscript.

Hi thx for the greetings ! I have to say I love the community and all the effort the Dorico team does, with this forum, blog, FB, and video tutorials. I am glad to hear that it might be solved soon. I understand your will of unifying all the parameters and always attach them to the music but that can be frustrating when it doesn’t work and no “visual” workaround is available. A rapid solution is to insert it as music text symbol (noteheadblack glyph) but the vertical position may vary because it’s not locked along that y axis.