No connection (Last attempt)

I have read and watched everything related to the remote. No luck!

The only thing I can spot is that my computer is wired and iPad is wifi. I have extensive network experience and have never seen that stop items from communicating.

I tried all suggestions, except the adhoc connection should not be necessary, with nothing showing up to “pick host”.

My studio is large so the convenience of controlling the transport from my iPad would be invaluable. Any help or alternatives that would actually work?

Thanks in advance


Is your WiFi and wired all connected to the same network? I’ve been using iC Pro for years with no problems. I even used it back when Android was supported with no problems. If you list the steps you’ve taken, I can try to help you trouble shoot.

Thanks for the offer! All devices are on the same network for sure. I see I may have posted in the wrong forum? The app I tried was the free cubase ic. Is it different, as far as connecting, than the pro? Seems everything on the Apple store only speaks of older versions of Cubase. Do both apps support Cubase 9?

Thanks again for your response


As far as I know, IC and IC Pro both connect in the same manner, but I’m not 100% certain on that. Did you install both the SKI Remote and Bonjour?

Both were installed and running. Are you running cubase 9 with your remote?

Yes, I’m on Cubase 9 Pro. I’ve been running IC Pro for a couple of years now. If I had to guess, I’d say I started using it about Cubase 7 or so (always “Pro” versions of Cubase). I’ve never had any connection problems at all.

Do you maybe have a firewall or some other setting in your router that might be blocking the connection?

One other note…Not that it matters, but when Steinberg ditched the Android IC app, I never could get the Chrome-based remote app to work. I have both iPad and Android devices, so I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to make the Chrome based version to work. I just switched to using iPads for IC Pro.

Thanks for the thoughts! I think the router should be fine? I have other remotes on my iPad (tv, tuner etc.) and they have no problem. I do have zone alarm on the pc but all internal ip’s are allowed through. I also have an ftp so the firewall rules are somewhat “open”. I haven’t read that I need to do any port forwarding for ic, is that true?

I have no no problem spending the money for ic pro. Thought I’d try the free one to make sure it works, that’s not working out so good. Will pro allow you to put in your computer IP address? Can’t seem to find that in the free version.

Thanks again


I have no idea where to point you then. I’ve never had any trouble…Installed SKI Remote, installed Bonjour, set up SKI Remote in the devices (dumb question…You did set up SKI Remote in Cubase devices, correct?), and everything has always worked right out of the gate. Even when moving from Win7 to Win10, where I did a clean install, I didn’t have any problems. Further, I have two studio machines that run Cubase, and I’ve had no troubles connecting to either with IC Pro.

IC Pro doesn’t let you plug in an IP address to my knowledge, it just scans the network (I assume this is a function of SKI Remote?) and finds the computer running Cubase. That’s another thing…Cubase has to be running before you start IC Pro on the iPad.

Wow I’m weeping man :frowning:. Everything you have mentioned I’ve tried and no go.

When you say setup in devices, I assume there is nothing to do other than choose it? I see you can put a password on it, yeah even tried that hoping to trigger something.

I’m surprised that more people have not chimed in here. Is the use of the remote not popular?

I really appreciate your posts in an effort to help. I wish you could find something that I’ve missed.

The setup and installation is fairly basic and straight forward. If you followed all of those instructions to a “T”, I’m leaning towards it being something within your network. What’s your network setup look like? Just a router? Any switches? Try doing a factory reset of your router (back up your current settings first, so you can easily restore your current settings), so there’s absolutely no security and see if that allows you to connect.

Thank you for all the advice!!! I got it. For anyone that reads this it was silly simple. Cubase ic (free one) does not work on iPad Pro and cubase pro 9. Bought cubase ic pro & connected the first time!

Sorry for throwing you by posting in the wrong forum but it got me on the right track!

Thanks again!

Now if I can just find how to mark this solved?

Glad you got it working!

For anyone having connection issues: IC Pro could see my PC, but I lost connection to C8.5 and C9 all the time, for no apparent reason. Since I connect entering the static IP, rather than IC Pro finding the host computer, connection stays fine.
I connect my iPad Air 2 via standard WiFi, to a router that hosts roughly 50 -100 devices (LAN and WiFi), haven’t even checked which encryption method is used. My PC is connected via LAN.

Please see here: [SOLVED] Cubase iC Pro connectivity issue after iOS update 10.3.1 - Mobile apps - Steinberg Forums