No content showing - Cubase Pro 12

I’ve recently moved from Logic Pro to using Cubase on Windows. I’ve spend the last two weeks or so reviewing the Cubase demo & learning how things work. Yesterday, I felt like I was happy with everything and made the splash and bought the product. During the demo, I didn’t review any of the plugins as I just wanted to learn how the DAW works but I did watch a few YouTube videos about the content that came with the Pro version.

I’ve installed everything and things seems ok with the exception of HALion Sonic SE 3. It shows no content when I open the plugin. It’s all blank, nothing to select, nothing visible, … just a blank plugin.

I’ve verified I have everything downloaded and installed using the Steinberg Download Assistent.

This isn’t a great start for me and I’m close to chasing a refund. I’ve submitted a support ticket and I thought I’d also double up my options by chasing some advice here.

Any ideas what I can try to get things working?
Thanks in advance.

(Cubase Pro 12 on Window 10)

I can only upload one screenshot as I’m a new user but here’s what I see when I instantiate the plugin:

Can you post a screenshot of Steinberg Library Manager?

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Here’s a screen shot of the Library Manager. Is it not set-up correctly?

It is installed correctly.

Can you see the content in Cubase mediabay?

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Interesting! It’s there & I’ve just verified it all works. The issue seems to be around things not showing up in the plugin instance but Cubase seems to be aware of the content.

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You can try to rescan the Halion Sonic SE mediabay. There is a rescan disc button (your second screenshot).

If that doesn’t help I would delete the preferences for Halion Sonic SE.

Wow that fixed it! Thank-you so much. :clap:

Where’s the rescan button?

Having a nightmare with Cubase 12. I have a 16 user license at a school however I’m finding Cubase to be really unreliable using VST instruments…for some students it seems ok for others they lose all Halion content or Groove agent content…on the same computer as other users have been ok on…this is happening all the time, it’s pot luck wether you have VST content or not…
The IT dept are at their wits end even to the point of considering ditching Cubase for some other sequencer…even though it means having to learn then teach the students from scratch it just might be worth it for the sake of stability and reliability… :disappointed:

It’s been a while so I can’t remember exactly where I found the rescan button. I’ve just had a quick look and couldn’t see anything obvious.

Maybe this link will help?