No Count-In

In Play mode I set DoricoBeep 1 in the mixer so it was audible. In Library>Playback Options I set the Click>Count-in to 4 bars of count-in; the metronome was on. But when I clicked the green Play triangle there was no count-in—the music and beep played immediately. What component didn’t I set?

You will only hear the count-in when you record, Nancy, rather than when you play back, I’m afraid.

Thanks for your swift response, Daniel. Alas, there is no count-in at all—the MP3s start immediately with the music; and I have the count-in set for 4 bars of clicks; the volume is high.

I have the feeling there’s a misunderstanding here. Daniel wrote that the count-in would be heard when recording, and not when exporting (which is, too, another form or recording, but not in Dorico’s vocabulary).
I guess you will need to add some kind of unpitched percussion track to your score (you can hide it, it will still play — but four bars of count-in will mess your score with empty bars at the start…) to add this to your export.

If your score is currently only one flow long, you could add a new flow with the count-in written in with any percussion instrument), set the delay between flows to zero, and then include both flows in your audio export but not in your printed layout.

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Interesting idea, Derrek; I’ll try it. When I used the purple product I would make a separate file with extra bars for the count-in; but when I exported the file, the click continued through the whole piece. I like having a flow that counts in and then stops. Thanks.

Thanks for clarifying. Students learning a piece, especially at a slow tempo, like to rely on a count-in and a metronome click while they play.


That would indeed be a helpful feature for teachers. I never thought about that. I’ve always been creating separate files for score and playback. Exporting with a count in would be very handy.
The idea could be extended by playback/export-only „click regions“ to fill in gaps, especially useful for children.

That is why I have chosen the solution I gave you in my projects : an unpitched percussion programmed exactly as I thought the musicians listening to the playback would need.

I would duplicate the whole flow and add the count in to the new flow and exclude it from the layout for print.

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Or save as File with count in so that you do not mess your notation at all

I like to have as few files as possible.

FWIW, I’d like a count-in feature too. The ability to specify the number of bars (or beats) for a preroll click and whether the click stops when the music starts or continues through the project or flow would be very useful to me as well.


has a playback (export audio) Count-in been added to D5? tia

AFAIK there hasn’t been any change with this.

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It seems to me that the absence of a count-in option for playback makes the Retrospective Recording feature a lot less useful than it might be.

I found my way here today because I also need to export audio with a count-in for students.

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If I do it all in Dorico I just add a woodblock, cowbell, agogô, or something and have them play the preroll. Most often I end up mixing it in Pro Tools so I just add the click there. It still would be really great if Dorico had a preroll click feature.

EDIT: Here’s an example I just did last week. I transcribed/wrote the play-along track, added the sample, then just added 2 bars of woodblock. It only took a minute or two so I didn’t even bother saving the file with the woodblock.

If Dorico could automate that part by having a setting to select the preroll instrument, number of bars of preroll, whether to accent or modify pitch on the downbeat, etc., that would be a very useful feature!

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Hello Dorico team and colleagues,
Well would be a very nice Audio Export improvement if the team adds to the Audio Export options to export with:

  • Metronome that is active during the whole exported track including the Count-In.
  • Only the Count-In activated.

No doubt both will be useful, not only for the students, to practice instruments and singing alongside the track. It will also preserve the notation of being altered.

Would be great if we have an option to activate the count-in even for the project playback. Not only while recording.
In general Dorico should become more and more comfortable as an instrument / vocal practicing companion tool as well. :slight_smile:
This means it needs L/R Locators (like Cubase) with loop between locators option in order to continuously repeat a selected area.
An option to export the selected area as an audio is needed, too.

So, +1 here for exporting the metronome / count-in alongside the track