No Count-In

In Play mode I set DoricoBeep 1 in the mixer so it was audible. In Library>Playback Options I set the Click>Count-in to 4 bars of count-in; the metronome was on. But when I clicked the green Play triangle there was no count-in—the music and beep played immediately. What component didn’t I set?

You will only hear the count-in when you record, Nancy, rather than when you play back, I’m afraid.

Thanks for your swift response, Daniel. Alas, there is no count-in at all—the MP3s start immediately with the music; and I have the count-in set for 4 bars of clicks; the volume is high.

I have the feeling there’s a misunderstanding here. Daniel wrote that the count-in would be heard when recording, and not when exporting (which is, too, another form or recording, but not in Dorico’s vocabulary).
I guess you will need to add some kind of unpitched percussion track to your score (you can hide it, it will still play — but four bars of count-in will mess your score with empty bars at the start…) to add this to your export.

If your score is currently only one flow long, you could add a new flow with the count-in written in with any percussion instrument), set the delay between flows to zero, and then include both flows in your audio export but not in your printed layout.

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Interesting idea, Derrek; I’ll try it. When I used the purple product I would make a separate file with extra bars for the count-in; but when I exported the file, the click continued through the whole piece. I like having a flow that counts in and then stops. Thanks.

Thanks for clarifying. Students learning a piece, especially at a slow tempo, like to rely on a count-in and a metronome click while they play.


That would indeed be a helpful feature for teachers. I never thought about that. I’ve always been creating separate files for score and playback. Exporting with a count in would be very handy.
The idea could be extended by playback/export-only „click regions“ to fill in gaps, especially useful for children.

That is why I have chosen the solution I gave you in my projects : an unpitched percussion programmed exactly as I thought the musicians listening to the playback would need.

I would duplicate the whole flow and add the count in to the new flow and exclude it from the layout for print.

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Or save as File with count in so that you do not mess your notation at all

I like to have as few files as possible.

FWIW, I’d like a count-in feature too. The ability to specify the number of bars (or beats) for a preroll click and whether the click stops when the music starts or continues through the project or flow would be very useful to me as well.


has a playback (export audio) Count-in been added to D5? tia

AFAIK there hasn’t been any change with this.

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