No Cubase 6 today...:-(

UPS said that it will be at my door today…I don’t think so! I can’t open my door- snow all over, cars are covered with 26" of it. I don’t think UPS can even drive!.
Sorry Chicago-Illinois area - no Cubase today :cry:

I feel your pain. Bloomington, IN here. Mine was scheduled for delivery tomorrow, but according to UPS, it arrived in your state Monday night and hasn’t departed yet. We’ve got serious ice here, snowing now.

No hope man, no hope…

Hey that’s where I went to College! Are you in school there?

Same thing here. Today was suppose to be C6 day. :frowning:

Aloha guys.
I know it has been mentioned in other threads but on-line downloading of C6
would solve these types of probs.

How kool it would be to be ‘snowed in’ and go on-line and after a while
have a new app with which to play.

Maybe one day.

No snow here but no C6 either.

Just placed my order, so now I join the anxious! :laughing: :confused: :wink: :open_mouth:

Well…had all ups delayed.