No Cubase 8.5 download showing up.

Hey guys.
I Just reinstalled my PC and was going to install cubase 8 when i saw 8.5 has been relesed.
I bought the upgrade, and now when i Visit MySteinberg there is NO download links showing up… and all i have is the 8.5 upgrade file… no full download.

i reloaded my profile page and waited 10 minutes and still no download URL for a full 8.5 install…

So basicly now i have bought 8.5 but since i did clean my PC i cant install it as there is no links for downloading the full content =(

Anyone have this issue?

/ Jesper

Same problem here!
No Full Installation File in mySteinberg…

Same here too :frowning: But in MySteinberg the Cubase Pro 8.5 Lizence is listed :confused:

Will check this tomorrow. Until then, please use these links:

Thank you so much, Ed Doll <3

Thanks Ed.

Can u also provide the Update Installer URLs? Thank you





I have purchased now the cubase 8.5 and no download files are available. Files are only 753 MB and after installation version 8.0.30 will displayed. I have removed the cpmplete Preference --> Cubase 8 folder before installation.
Normally it works fine but with the version 8.5 it doesn’t worked.

Could you please provide some information about this issue.

Many Thanks,