NO Cubase Artist 6 update from Cubase Studio 5 ?

Hi everybody,

could someone explain me, why there is no update from Cubase studio 5 to Cubase Artist 6???

This should be the normal update way! Im very angry!! :cry:


Cubase Artist is a new product.

The only upgrade path is to Cubase 6 full.

Thats why I’m learning Reaper. Steinberg continues to the company I dont want to be a customer of.

The people who “held out” with Cubase 4.x will really make out on the new upgrade pricing. They’ll pay the same $149 as C5 owners to get to Cubase 6… you know the guys (like me) who already paid $199 to go from 4 to 5.

Chris, stop cryin!
For little more money you can (only) update to the BIG cubase version. This is absolutely great!
Take the chance - it´s worth. And be finally happy.
BTW: forget Reaper, no comparable to Cubase 6. Sorry, but it´s the truth…

I dont need the features in Cubase 6.

So, I would even pay the same update price liek a Essential 5 user (99 €), although I have Cuabse Studio 5.

Thats not userfriendly from Steinberg.

I thought this was a bit rough but having thought about it I’ve bought the upgrade to Cubase 6 (if it ever arrives), I nearly upgraded to the full programe when Cubase 5 came out but stayed with Cubase studio 5, this has forced my hand and as the upgrade to 6 is cheaper than it was last time I’ve saved some money ( that’s one way to look at it anyway)

The cost is the least of my worries.

Actually I have bigger fish to fry with making sure that hardware companies provide quality systems both for my sake and theirs, as nothing is worse than bad word of mouth.

With Cubase though it’s a bit of a different story, when you buy in originally it’s as if you can never really escape (not that I want to personally but you get the idea).

Some people will whinge and complain day in day out, while others start their lofty campaigns that almost always fall on deaf ears, which is not for the want of caring, it is simply not good business to engage in back and forth communication on things which a) may be changed in the future anyway and b) are not practical to implement.

Anyway about the situation of no upgrade path from Studio to Artist, it has been known to happen in the past and fortunately there is at least almost perfect file compatibility between the current app versions.

Myself I am a bit annoyed that some features which were present in Studio are not in Artist such as for example Batch Export, and that for purposes of using MIDI and VST, I cannot have an easy to use file rendering system.

On the positive side however Steinberg have been known to implement user requests such as ironically Batch Export…


Multi-track drum editing, among other things lanes and different other audio tools.

I guess now for me I must soldier on with requesting the features that I need even if I am not planning on upgrading right at this time since my OS is not up to the scratch of system requirements.

Let’s get one thing straight shall we?

Steinberg are a company that makes money.

The expectation is that if you want that feature bad enough you will purchase the program that has that feature and use either or both applications as and when necessary since file compatibility and so on is not an issue.


And we want them to make money.
Sadly they most probably lose money with decisions like ‘no_Studio_update’
or ‘Nuendo +/- NEK’.

… and You’re not alone. There are already some threads about this.
Just do a search.

bye, Jan

Hey! :laughing: Did you copy my words verbatim from another forum? I remember writing that exactly like that.

My lawyers will be contacting you… :laughing: