No Cubase. No e-Licenser. No MySteinberg WTF?!?

Hello (again).

This is my first post as this name as I had to re-register - unsure why?? anyway… Cubase 10.5 is no longer working and my e-licenser info has been wiped.

So… I was happily using 10 on my MacBook Pro until it started wheezing a few years ago, so in February I bought a new Mac. Rather than Time Machine all the crap over I started a fresh… this is where it all started going bad. I decided to upgrade to 10.5, so paid an dDL’d all the right software, installed and hit my first issue. MySteinberg account - I couldnt log in using the same creds I was using on my laptop for some odd reason it kept logging me out - I tried logging into this forum, and nope. I reset stuff but wasnt gaining access.I never changed emails as I was still getting stuff through the same old email - anyway, I managed to gain access to MySteinberg but a few things seemed not right. e-licenser being one.AAAAnyway, I seemed to have sorted that… COVID hit and Ive not been able tto use my computer for a few weeks until today when I just started it up and couldnt load Cubase (License not found). OK, so I rejigged the dongle into a few different USB ports, NOTHING, reinstalled Cubase, NOTHINGS, reinstalled e-licenser, NOTHING, restarted the computer several times, NOTHING, log into MySteinberg to see Ive no products of active licenses = WTF?!?

I check my activation code email (using the same old email account Ive always used, and so used to activate 8, 9 and 10, also 10.5… ) and drop it into MySteinberg… and heres the punchline for anyone whos read this far… “The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code was already registered by another user.” YES! ME FFS?!?

I get stuck in Stenberg Loop within MySteinberg - first tab under MySupport only presents the option to speak to a distributor (which points me to a random page of Distributors), second tab - My Requests… this sounds promising, NOPE… just redirects me to third tab - Help Center; guess where this points me to… yep good old Support FAQ

I cant see Live Chat?? And I dont live anywhere near Europe (Middle East to be precise) to be able to call (cheaply)

The only positive I can take is that in 28 years of using Cubase Ive only had one other instance of FUCK UP at this level of FUCKERY

Hi and welcome,

Get in contact with your local distributor/support, please.

The accounts for the forum & My Steinberg are totally separate. Good chance somewhere along the way you’ve created 2 My Steinberg accounts and the eLicense is associated with the one you don’t use.


Also the “Online Steinberg Shop” account (operated by AskNet) is separated from both MySteinberg and Forum accounts.