No Cube 6.5 audio track controls!!!!

When I load a project, suddenly all of my tracks have no controls on them to allow me to pull up their individual channel mixers. It still lists the mute, and solo buttons, but no mixer button. The midi channels still have all of the function buttons listed however.

Anyone know what is going on?

Right click and select them to show.

The pull down automation is fine. But the tracks still have not ‘r’, ‘w’ , record button, mute button, lock, e.t.c. Strangest thing.

Like NWP said, right click in the track list area, select “Track Controls Settings…” and then use the dialog box to select which buttons are shown.

Thanks for the input. I did try that without success.must be some bug. I’ve resorted to using the track inspector, or whatever it’s called. Lol. Thanks again.

Maybe some corrupt preferences. I would try deleting the preferences.

Ok. Thank you.