No cues in Engrave Mode in 1.1 saved scores by default

1.2, Win10 - I could not see my cues in the Instrument Layouts when I started with an 1.1 saved score.
It seems to be necessary in this case to switch cues to “enabled” by hand in all Instrument Layouts in the Instrument’s Layout “Player” Options (described in the last hangout video - how to show cues in the page view of the full score).

In general you should find that the ‘Show cues’ layout option is switched on by default for part layouts, even in projects that started life in Dorico 1.1.10 or earlier, but possibly your own saved layout options are overriding the default behaviour, so it might be worth checking that ‘Show cues’ is switched on and then clicking ‘Save as Default’ to update your saved layout options for parts.

And it might make sense to check that the errant parts were based on the Parts Master Pages instead of the Score Master Pages, which IIRC affected some files in the original release.