No customer support from Steinberg in my country

I am going to buy Cubase Elements or Cubase Artist. (I haven’t decided yet.) But I’m seized with the unavailability of Steinberg customer support in my country.

I am accustomed to contact official support if I have issues with the software I have purchased. Unfortunately, my experience has shown that forums and fan communities usually don’t help with my questions.

So, I created MySteinberg account, clicked My Support… and I found out that Steinberg doesn’t let me create a support request. :frowning: From there, I was sent to the list of distributors in various countries. I found the contacts of а distributor in my country and asked them whether they could provide individual support for a buyer of Cubase products. But the company answered they only sell Cubase, but they don’t have qualified employees available to solve users’ problems with this kind of software.

So if I purchase Cubase and have some issues with it, I cannot hope for any official customer support. Very disappointing. :frowning:

Maybe you can email them at this address and ask if they will support you.

Regards :sunglasses: