No cyber weeks sale offer for Cubase pro 11 direct full version purchase?

I see that every other product has a discounted price at your Cyber weeks sale 2021, but for the direct Full version purchase of Cubase 11 Pro.

There is a discount only for upgrade and crossgrade to Cubase 11 Pro.

This is very surprising.

Not really, when you buy C11 you are in fact in the GRACE PERIOD which was announced for C12 which is coming in 2022. When you buy C11 you will get that PLUS a FREE upgrade to C12.

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But that’s just one thing considering that C12 is not too far. I definitely expected a 50 % discount or something like that on a direct purchase.

You’ve given a great discount on the crossgrade, and still i believe even cross fall under the same grace period and the update. Fresh buyers still pay the entire old fee? Nuendo has an offer on its fresh purchase as well.

This is definitely disappointing for someone who was excited to bump in to buy off a discounted deal.


When you buy a copy of 11 right now, you are in fact AVOIDING the upgrade purchase like the rest of us smucks will be paying to get to 12. You want a 50% discount on a NEW purchase, really???

I didn’t get 50% off when I bought the FULL version at SX2, not to mentioned I have paid for ALL upgrades here since then. Thats a LOT of versions bro.

Bang on there. Don’t you have a cross grade you can do?? Do you have a DAW right now?

P.S. Steinbergs payments options NEVER make sense to anyone

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I agree. Thanks for the info.

Also, would like to know if the Cubase 12 free upgrade is applicable if an education license for Cubase 11 is purchased now ?