no demo\trail version of cubase 9?

hey,i considering buying cubase artist 9 but i really want to try it out first to see if i like it.
But i can`t find any demo\trail version? are there a big difference from cubase 5 pro and 9 artist?
if there is no demo version, cubase 5 is my only option to try it out before i buy. :confused:


From the history, we can see, the Trial version is always released some time after the official 1st release. Most often with the 1st or 2nd big Maintenance update (so I woukd expect it with 9.0.10 or 9.0.20).

Yes, there are big differences. It’s around 8 years of development. There is completely new Mix since Cubase 7. There are not zones in Cubase 5, no Chord Pads, no MixConsole History, much older plug-ins, etc., etc.

FWIW I upgraded from 6 to 8 a couple of years ago and found a lot of changes (as you’d expect!)…don’t regret the upgrade and I’m sure I’ll shortly be going up to 9. I did wait for the trial version first which, as Martin suggests, became available after a couple of months.

bit late but there is a demo out now lol

Cubase 9 Trial, here.