No demo version??

I am a US user and would like to demo these plugins. The shop clearly shows demo versions available for both PC & Mac. I filled out the form and was told a download link would be sent to my e-mail. I received the following e-mail:

We’re happy to hear that you want to try Yamaha Vintage Plug-in Collection Trial Version for Windows 7 for a limited time. Have fun!

To start downloading the installer, please click here:

To activate your trial version, please use this Activation Code:

0240 7CBK **** HCVP YSPW **** 12FC 91F5

HOWEVER the above link re-directed me to this page:

Which displays the following message:

Your trial version

This product is not available as a test version.

WHY, if the above statement is true, was I sent a download link and activation code.
For that matter why even state that a demo is available. Is this an error or have I
just had a good amount of my time wasted?? In either case this very frustrating!!

I am sorry to hear that!

Does a different email address work? We have checked the trial download process again a couple of times and it worked just fine so there is no way to reproduce this here.

I’m having the same issue as well. I received a keycode for a trial when I just purchased Cubase and no download links for it. The link above doesnt work for me either

Please open Cubase 7, then go to “Steinberg Hub” in the menu bar and select “Activate trial versions”.
If you bought a boxed Cubase 7, the installer should be on a DVD included in the box. If you bought the download Cubase 7 version click on the corresponding link that leads you to the downloads for all trial versions.