No description on audio files

Please check out the pic

I can see descriptions on some of the audio files, but not on the ones on the second line… I’m confused.
I’ve tried writing a description for them, tried changing the file name but is this a bug of some sort?

The edited audio files are lyrical phrases, and I want to name them accordingly.
Is there a tool or function so that I can add visible lyrics to the audio files respectively?

The audio files are named whatever the track was named when you recorded them. The name is followed by a sequential number noting how many times you recorded on that track.

It’s best to rename recorded audio files in the project pool. The procedure to do that is a little confusing so search the user manual for the instructions.

I do not know of any way to add visible lyrics.

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To be specific, the files you see in the pic are not recorded. They were imported.
I see names on longer (length-wise) ones, but the name seems to cut off when I shorten them for editing.
I feel like I should at least be able to see first few letters of the description…

Hopefully you imported the audio files to the project pool too. If so, you can rename the files in the pool and that name would then show up in the project. See the operation manual on page 504 for the procedure. Good luck.

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