No Direct X full duplex driver on the device list

my system doesn’t have any external audio interface, but only on-board sound card.

so i had always used direct x full duplex driver as asio driver during using cubase 5.

But after i bought and install cubase 8, dx full duplex driver is gone on the list of devices.

Only i can see is dx multimedia driver which have latency of 700 ms.

I checked cubase 5 again, but the dx full duplex driver is gone in cubase 5, either.

I tried to install asio4all driver. but even though i finish installation of asio4all successfully, the driver also does not appear on the device setup menue.

What shall i do to use dx full duplex driver?

Im just light user, so only if i can use dx full duplex driver, thats totally enough without any external audio interfaces.

I think this is a permissions thing. Try running Cubase as administrator and see if the drivers appear.

Assuming this works, you should find ASIO4all a better option than the dx driver.

appreciate, problem solved. It works perfectly!