No Disc Drive message when writing DDP

I just setup a new iMac (which has no optical drive) for my mastering rig after retiring my old Mac Pro. As crazy as this may sound, I don’t even have an optical drive connected to my computer setup. Nearly all of my CD masters get delivered via DDP, and I also have the Sonoris OEM and HOFA DPP Player + Maker for sending DDPs to clients for approval. Also, vinyl masters can almost always be 24-bit data files that I upload to the lacquer cutters.

So, in light of all that, I have my Plextor CD writer sitting in my closet and only plan to bring it out when I need to burn a CD-R which is not very often these days.

Given this trend, I’m wondering if that error message about no optical drive when I go to make a DDP can be turned off. I see the option to mute the message (during this session only) but I think there is a need to ALWAYS turn off this message since I think more and more, a CD drive might not be connected to the computer at all times.


I will consider this.