No discount for Dorico Elements update?

I’m currently on Dorico Elements 2 and would like to take advantage of the Cyber Week sale, but there appears to be no discount for upgrading from an older version of Elements to 3.5. Is this intentional?

That’s correct. Updates are not included in this promotion: only new licenses, and upgrades (which allow you to move up to a higher tier in the product family, e.g. to Dorico Pro).

However, the update from Dorico Elements 2 to Dorico Elements 3.5 is quite inexpensive anyway: it’s €29.99 or equivalent in your local currency. And if you buy the update now, you will also receive a free update to Dorico Elements 4 when it is released early in 2022.

If you’d like to buy, you can do so here.

A reduced price applies if you upgrade from Dorico Elements to Dorico Pro but not if you update from version 3 to 3.5 in the same tier. Details are outlined in the Scoring Notes blog at, including the fact that if you update to version 3.5 now or anytime before version 4 is released, the next update to the same tier of Dorico (i.e. either Elements or Pro) will be free.

(I see this was already answered by Daniel while I was writing the above response.)

That’s true: you can upgrade from Dorico Elements 2 to Dorico Pro 3.5 at a 30% discount, and you will also receive a free update to Dorico Pro 4 when it is released. If you want to do that, add this product to your basket and apply the coupon CYBERWEEKS21.