No discount on Cubasis 3?

No End of year discount and no upgrade-discount for cubasis2 owner?

That‘s no customer loyality.

I just bought Cubasis 2 two weeks ago. This really sucks.

Hi MarcusStaffel, Hi Macjonald,

Thank you for your message.

Please note that Cubasis has seen more than thirty updates with many new feature additions between 2012 and 2019.
All of these updates were free of charge for existing customers.

Cubasis 3 was rewritten from scratch. This means our full team invested several years to reprogram all functions from the former Cubasis version and improved lots of things, plus they’ve added a brand-new iPhone version and more than twenty user-requested feature additions.

Unfortunately there are no update options available for app, such as grace period or similar, known from the desktop.

We hope for your understanding that Cubasis 3 is currently sold at its regular price.
Plus, we’ve included the option that you can transfer previous in app-app purchases to Cubasis 3, free of charge.


Contact Apple to ask for immediate refund of Cubasis 2. Note that you have to explain the situation.
There might be a chance that Apple refunds your money cost on Cubasis 2, hence your new budgets for Cubasis 3.

P.S.: Please do not misuse this procedure if you purchased Cubasis 2 earlier than one month before the release of Cubasis 3. Otherwise, Apple may disable your Apple ID from purchasing.

Thanks for the advice here - much appreciated. I would love to get a refund and would still use that to purchase Cubasis 3. I did try twice with Apple by going through the refund request from the Apple receipt. Unfortunately they rejected my request both times (extremely quickly - after a couple of seconds, which seemed to be automatic for some reason).

Stick with Cubasis 2, 3 is so broken it’s totally unusable.

If I were you I would give it a dozens of try, together with other approaches such as phone-contacting them.
Maybe your current situation is because you are alone.

P.S.: I won’t do this. I purchased Cubasis 2 years ago.
P.P.S.: This is an issue of Apple, not Steinberg. It is Apple’s fault.