No disk reading in VST performance meter, other 2 are maxed

So I updated to 8.30 last night and now I have no reading in the disk section of the vst performance meter and the average load and real-time meters are nearly maxed, even if I’m not playing anything back. Getting a lot of crackles, pops. Why won’t cubase load anything to the disk? I have ASIO gaurd enabled. If I have to go back to 8.10, how do I do it?
My computer isn’t the issue for what it’s worth (64 bit quad core)

You can ‘roll-back’ the update from the Control Panel… select Programs and Features in the Control Panel. Then toward the upper left corner of the Control Panel select ‘View installed updates’.

You will have to scroll to the bottom past all the Windows Update files. You can uninstall the update from there.

Great. Thank you

This often happens to me after loading a project, I switch the audio device to a different buffer size and turn ASIO guard off and on and that usually does the trick. All these problems appeared with CB8 - I have the same issues with CB7.5 since installing 8! Once it’s working it’s great. I suspect Steinberg will always find more “interesting” features to add to the software rather than actually fix all the issues. Ho Hum…