No Download Access Code Email!

Hello everyone! I own Cubase 11 Pro (all the way up from Cubase 6.5 Artist, Cubase 7 and 7.5) and want to check out Cubase 12 Pro. I signed up and downloaded the trial so I can test it with my laptop (not the main studio computer) to check out compatibility issues with my plugins and existing sessions.

I got the email with the download link, but never got the activation (or download access) code. I installed Cubase 12 Pro and it shows the “No license found. Program will shut down now” error. I emailed Yamaha Mexico to no avail. No response whatsoever.

So here I am, wanting to try the new software to buy it later, but I can’t make it work without a code, I guess. And don’t want to risk my projects not working properly with the new version. Is there anyway to get the code? My 30-day trial is already down to 28 days and still I can’t run the program. Can’t find any sort of code in my account other than the software I already purchased.

I’m running Catalina 10.15.7 (I’ve read in several forums that this version works for Catalina as well).

Can’t even get Steinberg Activation Manager to get past “Loading, please wait…” Please help!

I promise not to hold my The Grand purchase that I could never get to work against you. Thanks in advance!


Bumping again for Steinberg Personnel awareness, still no response.


aaaaaaaaaaaaand bump.

  1. have you logged into your account and accessed your Steinberg Licensing-based Products?

What do you see?

  1. Have you re-downloaded the Steinberg Activation Manager and logged in with it? There have been updates.

This is what I’m seeing. No Download Access Code, it just tells me I haven’t used it in any computer. Why? Because the Steinberg Activation Manager won’t go past “Loading, please wait…”. I can log into the Download Manager, download the program, install it, but since I don’t have a license, it won’t start. I’ve been trying different things since July 3rd (trial expires on August 3rd) to no avail.

Anyone from Steinberg care to answer?