No Drag n Drop in W10!


I have just upgraded from w7 to w10. Everything good except, I can’t seem to drag n drop WAV files from File explorer directly into N10, like I used to be able to?

Surely this is just something I’m missing? This is such a basic function.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Stewart Peters

Strange. It works nicely here. Maybe Preferences initiating could help?

Very strange. Works perfectly for us. At least with Windows.

Check you’re not running Cubase as an Administrator (Via the .exe properties), as this will limit the ability to drag and drop files in Windows.

Basically, enabling this make Windows see explorer and Cubase as running on different permissions and doesn’t ‘trust’ drag and drop. It causes other issues too, because of that.

Works here.

Hi everyone,

Yes, bingo. It was running N10 as Administrator that was the problem. All fixed.

BW, what other issues can running as administrator cause?

Thanks so much for your help.


Brilliant, I’ve been at this for a week with no success. Turned off run as administrator and it fixed a myriad of problems including loading a second project and drag and drop. Thanks a million

It’s best not to run Nuendo as administrator unless you have a specific reason for doing so (as outlined by skijumptoes above). [EDIT and this would usually be a temporary measure. There is no legitimate reason to permanently run Nuendo in Administrator mode).

I did have some other problems NOT running in Admin, but I’ll try Run as Admin again, and hopefully those other problems will have gone away. One of the problems was Steinberg’s Virtual Guitarist 2 which wouldn’t load, I changed it to run with W7 compatibility and it worked!

Thanks for all your help.