No dropouts when inserting/deleting/enabling/disabling plugins and instruments.

Apologies if this has been mentioned here already but it’s a very, very important one: In every other DAW I’ve used or compared to (Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic, Studio One, and most others from what I understand), there is not a major audio dropout and temporary DAW freeze when inserting/deleting/enabling/disabling VSTi’s or plugins.

This is a major workflow inhibitor for both composers and mixers (both of whom are constantly inserting/deleting/enabling/disabling plugins and instruments), and Cubase will improve by leaps and bounds when it catches up to the others in this way. Let’s do it!

You also get them when creating empty tracks, creating folders (what?!!!) and moving tracks into folders, so this isn’t just a latency compensation issue!

Hi all,

Yes, there is already a thread for this with quite a bit of support. It is located here:

Maybe a mod can merge the two or you can add your support there also.