No drums, son!! HELP


I recently installed Cubase AI5 on my laptop running Wndows 8 and hooked up my new Yamaha MM8 keyboard to it with a standard USB cable.

I want to record my keyboard sounds directly into my Cubase program.

Here’s my issue:
Cubase recognizes and records a lot of the stuff I’m playing but with some synth noises and especially DRUMS it plays back as some muffled piano notes…not the effect I’m hearing in my heahones directly connected to my keyboard.

What’s the deal!!?

Has anyone encontered and overcome this?

Thanks for reading and responding!

MIDI is not audio…
MIDI does not record the sounds of your Keyboard.
Audio records the sounds of your Keyboard.
Obviously your USB connection reocrds MIDI data…

Thank you for the reply!

What cord/set up am I going to need to record the sounds of my keyboard directly into my laptop to produce/compose music?

Audio cables

Ok and I’m guessing finding audio-to-laptop cables are standard at any Future Shop kind of store…is the straight connection of keyboard to laptop going to produce decent quality or am I better to run it through another medium?

Surely the best option would be to get a decent ASIO compliant soundcard. You should in any case check your Keyboard´s manual. Maybe it´s capable of transmitting audio through the USB line also…