I just received my Cubase 9 (46320) software I’d ordered via Amazon. They sent me a thin, single-DVD-sized box containing nothing except the USB licenser and a codes sheet, with NO DVD in the appropriate slot. I was expecting their usual fat box full of trial DVD’s, a booklet, etc., and I’d paid extra thinking I was getting the physical media, rather than a download. Is this a mistake on the seller’s part? or is that how they’re shipping C9 now?

The code is a download code. Once you download C9 Pro through this code, SB will email an activation code.
If you already have an eLicenser, you won’t need the new one. You can keep that and the box as a memoir.

On The Steinberg website it shows Cubase 9 in a proper thick box so I would expect to receive that with all the DVD’s and books. It also shows these thick box pictures on all the music stores I have just looked at so with this information I would think you have not received what you should have. Do you have a link to the Amazon purchase you made ?

That retail box is posted on Amazon too. It’s just a download version without the DVD. Works just as well. All the manuals are downloadable PDF files. You can download the program at any time from your “my Steinberg” account.

Thanks all, for the responses… I should have mentioned that, yes, I did, in fact, download the software, manuals, the whole package before I posted, and everything works fine, basically. The problem was/is that I’d seen the $549 package described as ‘download after purchase’, and declined to buy it, in favor of the $579 ‘fat box’ (pictured) based on previous Cubase experience, although its description mentioned nothing about either a download or a DVD being part of the purchase. My guess is Steinberg may not be planning to burn DVD media until some bugs are smoothed out (or maybe ever?). In any case, not having the media isn’t really a big deal to me, but I do kinda miss my $30 and those four days I waited for a box of codes to arrive :wink: Thanks again - appreciate your time and efforts.

That’s shoddy. It should at least say that you don’t get the full package.

@QBrute Good question. Currently, Cubase Pro (46320) is being distributed as a download by 3rd party Retailers in your region. There are no printed manuals anymore.

Update on this one: The full version boxes contain the USB-eLicenser and the Download Access Code. There are just a very few boxes containing two Installation DVDs instead, but these ones are only available in western european countries.