No dynamics in playback!!

I cannot get any dynamics to play back in Dorico and need help with this!
I am only using the default sounds in HAL when choosing instruments in Dorico. This happens both with SATB and strings, which is frustrating if you want to use dynamics as important ingredient in your music. I understood from Daniel that this really should work with the default sounds in Dorico. Any advice what to do?

Unfortunately upon looking more closely I think it’s expected that the vocal sounds don’t respond to dynamics, since they use VST Note Expression for dynamics, and Dorico doesn’t yet support VST Note Expression.

However, the lack of dynamics from the strings is a bit more puzzling, and I’ll ask Paul to weigh in on that one.

I hope the missing dynamics can be revived!
Do you by any chance have any link to any useful material on using expression maps, in general, and in Dorico especially I be most happy! / yours Frans Mossberg

Not a solution as such, but an alternative can be to replace the default choir sounds with the e.g the one named ‘[GM 053] Choir Aahs’. This responds to key velocity, which will give you dynamics from note to note, but not on sustaining notes. You will have to replace the Expression map in Play mode with ‘Default’ for this to work. Maybe better than nothing…

String dynamics should indeed work, but I’ll leave that to the experts.

Thank you for the advice! I´ll see if I can try it out tonight. /fransmo

I’ve tried out the score you sent to Daniel and the strings are playing back with dynamics for me. However there isn’t much variation so you could try going to Play - Playback options and in the dynamics tab change the default curve to 3.