No E Licenser.


I’ve purchased Cubase 10 License and Licenser directly from Steinberg website during their promotion a few months back.

I was sent the E-Licenser - but upon opening it - it just had a dispatch note and no dongle.

I had opened a ticket with AskNet on the 11/6/19 - and have had no response. We’re now getting into August, I am
Unable to use my new product I purchased and have been waiting for a solution to this for over a month now, not ideal is it.

Can someone from Steinberg please get in touch with me regarding this issue.


Did you buy a Retail license or an update? USB-eLicenser is not part of any update and you have to buy it separately. If you ordered it and it was missing, the only one way is to get in touch with AskNet. Maybe you can rise a new ticket or if you have got any reply from them, you can update the status as a reminder.

If you really can’t get any help it may be worth sending Fabio on that thread a private message as he seems quite helpful?

:slight_smile: I replied on the other thread he created: Cubase - E-Licenser - 3 months nothing. - Cubase - Steinberg Forums