No educational price for upgrading from 2-3.5?

Hello! I just want to make absolutely sure there is no educational discount for upgrading from Dorico Pro 2 - Dorico Pro 3.5? I saw this thread from last year in which Daniel says so:

Looks like on the site you can get an educational price only for upgrading from some version of elements to pro?

Excited about the black Friday deal regardless. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get my hands on those LINES.

That’s correct, there is no educational price for updates. You get the price break on the initial purchase, but thereafter you pay the same for updates (unless you are buying a multi-seat license on behalf of an academic institution). When you buy the update you are no longer constrained by the additional terms of the end-user license agreement that prohibit the use of the educational version for professional work, i.e. you now have a full, professional retail license as if you had bought a retail license to begin with.

Thanks for clarifying, Daniel! Cheers!