No email activation code or download link

I am trying to download Dorico SE, and I’ve clicked the “Download for free” button and signed in and it says that it will email me a download link and an activation code. However, I have not received either of these things, and I’ve checked my spam folder. What do I do?

Welcome to the forum, Adam. I’ll send you the activation code you need via a private message. Please check your inbox here on the forum.

Thanks! I’ve received the activation code. However, it said that in the email there would be a download link (which I would assume downloads a program where I can put the activation code) but I’m not sure where to download from as I don’t have the link?


Since the program code is the same for all versions of Dorico 3.5.12, you can use any link you see to download the software; the activation code will tell the code which version you will see.

@adamimorris hello,
Here you will find download links for Dorico Pro, Elements and SE. For SE you should scroll down to
the bottom of the page:

By the way you can try the 30 days trial of Dorico Pro, after the trial period it should turn automatically into SE. This way you would be able to check the full potential of the application.
I wish you success in exploring the world of Dorico! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,