No email recieved for 9.5


I’m a cubase pro 9 owner and i want to download the 9.5 trial version. On steinberg website it said that the email with download link was sent to me, but i did not received it. I’ve checked under spam and everywhere else but still nothing,

If someone from tech support is reading this, could you please send me the link.



Please, can someone give me an email address from the support team, i cant find it anywhere.

Are you sure it’s the right email? Use the same one you used to register your MySteinberg account.

Hello unis,

if you don’t find the mail with the activation code in your spam/junk folder, please send me a PM.

I have the same issue with trying to get the trial version of Wavelaab elements 9.5 I did have Wavelab 7.0LE but I would hope that the new version of Wavelab would have changed. I would have liked to try before buying it, but I never receive email to try it. Anyone know any magic tricks here?

Check spam folders, if you’re using gmail or another online email then this means the online spam folder as well as the one on your PC.