No email with access code for Cubase 12 Pro

Hi there, can anyone tell me how long it takes for Steinberg customer service to respond to a submitted ticket? I haven’t received my access code via mail for Cubase Pro 12. I’ve contacted Steinberg but haven’t heard anything yet. It’s a bit confusing.

Did you buy the license from the Steinberg online shop? If so, you can probably find the activation code in the order history: Steinberg Online Shop

Yes I did :slight_smile:

When I bought Cubase 11 Pro I got the “Grace Period” and activated it yesterday it was Eligible. I’ve activated it and was prompted that there will be an email with Download Access Code. But it didn’t arrive. I have checked my spam folder. Nothing there neither. So I contacted Steinberg without any response. The service is not the best as I can see.

Ok, did you also check the Vouchers section in your MySteinberg account? The activation codes for grace period related licenses are usually provided there.

Yes I did, have two for other Steinberg plugins but nothing Cubase related :cry: so I’m sad. The customer service at Steinberg isn’t that great. I love their software. One of the best companies for music production, though the customer service is very very bad. I don’t contact them almost never. But last time I opened a ticket on some very important stuff it took them nearly 14 days to respond. Which sucks big time.

So what does it say in the Activation Manager on your machine?