No email with activation code for Dorico SE 3.5!

It shouldn’t be this difficult! I’ve spend the past hour trying to activate Dorico 3.5 SE. I have not been sent an activation code, although looking at some other posts about this issue suggests that I won’t receive one since I received a previous activation code for Dorico 2.2 SE, which is installed on my old computer. But now I’m trying to get it working on a new computer, and of course when I entered the activation code for the 2.2 version, it said it was invalid for the current version. So I’ve been researching, trying to figure out what to do. I downloaded and ran the ELicencer Control app, ran the Maintenance function but I’m still not able to open the installed Dorico 3.5.


I’ll send you a new Dorico SE activation code via private message here on the forum. However, I note that Dorico SE was introduced in January 2020 at version 3.1; there was no version of Dorico SE for version 2.2.