No entering of notes in galley view?


when I am in galley view (“Fortlaufende Ansicht” in german) I seem not to be able to enter any notes. I can add notes through copy and paste, but if I double click a bar to open the enter mask, nothing happens. In page view this works fine.

How do I enter notes in galley view?

Thank you for your help,

That sounds odd. What happens if you select a note and press Shift-N. Does the caret appear?

Thank you for your help. Shift-N does work.

The problem seems to be the slowness of Dorico in galley mode. It obviously reacts too slow to catch the double clicks.

When entering galley mode, the reaction speed of every input becomes so slow that it is nearly impossible to work. When I entered the galley view and return to the page view, the speed stays slow and I also can’t use double click in page view. When I close the complete program and start again without entering the galley view, I can work again.

I think the speed (/memory usage?) especially in galley mode needs to be looked into.

I am doing an orchestral score with 30 instruments, but I think a program like Dorico should be able to handle this on a new machine.


Do you have a lot of empty bars at the end of your project? If so, that is known to cause the program to run more slowly at the moment, which will be fixed soon. Try using Trim Flow to remove all of the empty bars, and you should find the program responds more quickly. If you need to add empty bars, try adding only a handful at a time rather than adding dozens or hundreds at a time.

No, I do not have any empty bar at the end. I only add those I need. The whole project only had 40 bars at this time.

Can I see your project, to try to understand why it’s so slow? You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.