No EuCon available in Remote Devices

I’ve just upgraded a Nuendo 6.5 System to Nuendo 7.
In Nuendo 7 I can’t add “EuCon” in the “Remote Devices” dialog, as I have been doing for all previous Nuendo versions, to be able to control Nuendo via EuCon with our Euphonix/Avid System 5 hybrid.
Nuendo 6.5 is still working fine with the S5 via EuCon.
In Nuendo 6.5 EuCon v. is installed and working.
Do I need to make an additional EuCon installation with Nuendo 7?

32bit version?

Are you 64bit. There has been a thread this days about 32 not being EuCon supported.


Yes, 32bit version of Nuendo on Win7 64Bit.
I’ve installed N7 64bit and it says my EuCon software (3.0.2.) is not compatible with N7.
I need to check with Avid if the S5 hybrid will work with the latest EuCon software.
So EuCon is only available for Nuendo 7 64bit versions.
Thanks fo your help!

After installing EuCon 3.2 on my PC, everything works fine in Nuendo 7 64bit!
Great to be able to use the console’s transport control via EuCon and not RS422 anymore.

I am having trouble with this after rebooting several times. I haven’t updated my fader buckets yet though. Is anyone else any issues with this?

My N7 error says Eucon version 2.6.1 installed even after installing the newest version (3.2.2) I tried dumping my user settings in the Steinberg folder. Could this be related to key mappings that are not congruent with the current version? I saw some in my roaming folder and was thinking about zipping them.