No External Effects window in LE 5

I am trying to connect my external reverb into Cubase LE 5.
When I go to my VST Connections, there is no external FX window, or any window besides input and output.

Any help would be much appreciated, I have never dealt with any external processors before.

I don’t think LE5 has external FX, so your solution would be to upgrade to a higher version of Cubase. I’m not sure if Cubase Artist 7.5 has external FX but I think it doesn’t (too lazy to check at 2:20, sorry :slight_smile:), so unfortunately you’d have to get Cubase 7.5.

It’s stated very clearly in the Manual if you’d care to peruse it :wink:

Using external effects (Cubase only)

I was afraid that might be the problem, thanks for the help.