No External FX in 10.5 update

Does anyone is successfully using external FX like a Avalon in the new Cubase . I got it to work in previous version but not in the last 10.5 update

What is not working?

Are you using a external FX in Cubase 10.5 ?

No I’m just wondering before I upgrade, what is not working for you?

Not loading

hmm, can you use LICEcap to record your screen and upload to imgur

Here it works just fine.

The setup screen? or the plugin isn’t loading?

I also use a couple of external effects in 10.5 without issues, same as in version 10.

This is in C10 my Avalon work But I cant get Cubase to see my MindPrint on Port 2 ![Cubase external FX.jpg|2557x1448](upload://kEB5m69M09uAO5VTGF7LdIwRhsg.jpeg) This is in C10.5 the Avalon is NOT working and I still cant get Cubase to see my MindPrint on Port 2

Hi so your Avalon is not getting signal? I’m going to say on that, double check everything else in your studio that you’ve made proper connections, it’s on/working itself. Are you getting signal to the Avalon and it’s not returning? give us some details here.

Have you gone into your plugin management and added the MindPrint to your list?

in C10 my Avalon IS WORKING But Not in C10.5

Have you tried remaking the external FX? Maybe there is a duplicate Avalon in your plugin manager which is the real one. delete all your external FX, make sure there’s nothing left in the plug-in manager, and then start over… have you done this?

now that I think about it, windows might be hogging the channel, I’ve had the same problem before.

I’m not sure if it’s a Windows side problem, or if Cubase is not properly stealing all needed channels from Windows, or if it’s an AD/DA ASIO thing or what -


in here, and jsut try moving the windows default (right click)

Thanks I will check both

Let me know how it goes!

I did deleted the external FX but it`s still in the menu even afer a restart of cubase

Do you know witch cubase config filf storr thoes info ?

you’d have to remove it from the plugin manager as well

There is no Avalon in the Plugin Manager

I look but also did a search in the Plugin manager

Got it !
In : C:\Users*****\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64
Lost all my Custom Setting But they now Work