No Fade Handles?

After I cut a track, I’m selecting half and trying to add a Fade Out (or “in”, whichever the case), but the Fade Handles do not appear. The track is highlighted in red as usual, but no Fade Handles will appear. No problem in other audio projects, just this particualr one. Something locked? Or corrupted? Or? Thanks for any help/info in solving… ~ PO

Hovver mouse over wave file, they should be now in view

I sometimes get this too. The handle doesn’t appear when I hover but if I click and drag as if normal in the corner of the waveform block, the fade line appears.

Clearly a bug!!

… actually i’ve noticed this once or twice as well as faders on the mixer sometimes not updating their positions graphically that is… on the occasions i’ve had the mixer issue once i click on the actual strip it will update… there do seem to be one or two intermittent little graphics niggles.